Currently only a production environment is available. The URL for the API is:



All requests have to be made over HTTPS. Non secure requests will be rejected.

HTTP Methods

At the moment the API supports 3 different HTTP methods:

  • GET - Use a GET request to retreive data. This will not update any data.
  • POST - Use POST to create a new resource. For example to create a new resersation.


Resources are available as nouns and are appended to the root url. So to retreive a list of all available countries you can make a GET request to:


To retreive a single country you can add the resource id:


If a resource has any relationships or subresources the same pattern will be used. So to request all cities in a given country you make a GET request to the following URL:



Some of the information from the resources are available in multiple language. The default language is English. Currently only English and Dutch are supported. To retrieve the information in an other language then English you can add a query string with the parameter 'locale' to your request. The value of the parameter contains the language code. Currently only English (en) and Dutch (nl) are supported. So for instance you can use this request to retrieve the list of countries in Dutch:


Limit and offset

Some of the resources return multiple records. A default request will return max 50 records. The respone will return the total, the size and the offset (from) of the returned results. You can change the 'size' and 'from' by appending these parameters to the query string. The max size is currently 100 records.

So to fetch the records with a size of 10 and and offset of 50 you can request the next url:



All the responses will be in JSON format. Also the POST requests must be JSON formatted.